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Dark Chocolate Ziggy Bars

Dark Chocolate Ziggy Bars

We are introducing our Chocolate Ziggy Bars – the perfect snack bar for those who seek a balance between delicious indulgence and digestive wellness. Indulge in the subtle sweetness of these snack bars, carefully crafted to capture the rich essence of chocolate without overwhelming sweetness.

At the core of Ziggy Bars are our main ingredients: oats, dates, chia, and coconut oil, each bringing together the key elements of soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, and MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). These ingredients work synergistically to help with constipation and promote regularity, making our bars a comforting choice for digestive wellness. Specifically designed to offer a chocolatey treat beyond taste, these snack bars are ideal for various age groups and health conditions.

Maintaining digestive wellness is crucial for pregnant women, seniors, and individuals undergoing chemotherapy. Our bars provide functional ingredients, recognized for aiding digestion and offering gentle relief from constipation. The unique properties of coconut oil make these snack bars nourishing and easy on the digestive system, ensuring a soothing experience for those facing digestive challenges.

We understand the need for a wholesome, delicious, and functional option. Ziggy Bars offer digestive support for natural constipation relief, making them a go-to choice for individuals seeking a gentle way to help promote regular bowel movements. The bars are carefully curated for those who appreciate the authentic taste of chocolate in a snack while seeking supportive natural constipation relief during pregnancy, for children, seniors, and individuals facing digestive discomfort.

Choose Chocolate Ziggy Bars for a snack that goes beyond delighting your taste buds – it nourishes and supports digestive wellness. Elevate your snack game with an enjoyable treat that promotes a healthy digestive system.  Snack bars have never been this balanced, delicious, and functional!

**Please note that currently, Ziggy Bars will be packaged in clear wrapping with label stickers placed inside plain cardboard boxes.

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