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Ziggy Bars are more than just snacks—they are crafted to support natural health and wellness, especially when facing the challenge of digestion. We understand the struggle of finding delicious and natural options that cater to the unique needs particularly of both expectant mothers and children dealing with digestive issues. That's why we created Ziggy Bars, made with wholesome, functional ingredients and three synergistic elements. These elements are designed to assist both moms-to-be and kids in managing constipation and maintaining regularity, fostering a healthy and comfortable journey for both generations. Join our mission now!

Moms Support Moms

I'm Rachel, the crazy mom and baker behind Ziggy Bars, joined by my incredible mom, MaryLou. Together, we're on a mission to spread the word that you're not alone and to help as many tummies as we can, one delicious Ziggy Bar at a time! Dive into the snack revolution with us!


We're on a mission to bring Ziggy Bars to every household, and to do so, we need your help to spread the word in your incredible platforms. Imagine the convenience of having our delightful bars served those who are in need particularly moms-to-be and kids. We're also working on upgrading our packaging for a more vibrant look. Your help would mean a lot to us. 


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