How We Started

Discover the story of "How We Started," a journey that brings ease to parenting with delicious, all-natural digestive snacks for everyone, anytime and anywhere.

Parenting can be challenging, and we understand the need for simplicity, especially regarding your family's well-being. Our snacks are crafted to simplify this journey, offering tasty help to digestive concerns.

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to providing all-natural snacks. The keywords here are "all-natural snacks." We believe in the power of nature to nurture, and our snacks reflect that belief. Packed with wholesome ingredients, they are a delicious way to prioritize your family's health.

Our snacks serve as more than a treat for kids facing constipation. They complement home remedies for constipation in kids, offering a natural and enjoyable addition to support healthy digestion. With flavors that appeal to young taste buds, Ziggy Bars' approaches to managing constipation feel less like a remedy and more like a delightful treat, seamlessly fitting into a balanced routine for digestive wellness.

Pregnancy brings challenges, and we recognize the need for immediate constipation relief. Our snacks are designed to be a natural supportive part of your remedy toolkit, supporting relief without compromising taste. Pregnant women can snack confidently, knowing our delicious products support digestive well-being.

Seniors, too, find comfort in our all-natural snacks. As age may bring digestive concerns, our snacks aim to provide natural support for constipation relief for seniors. The gentle yet effective ingredients are crafted to help maintain digestive health, allowing them to enjoy tasty snacks without worry.

Our commitment extends to those undergoing chemotherapy, who often face unique challenges with digestion. Our snacks provide a simple, all-natural, supportive option, catering to their specific needs and offering a flavorful break during a challenging time.

In the area of unhealthy conditions in the digestive system, our snacks aim to provide a moment of relief. We invite you to experience the difference – parenting and well-being can be simpler: one all-natural snack, one Ziggy Bar at a time.