Are You an Expecting Mom Looking for Nutritious Snack? Or a Mom who Experience Constipation from Time to Time?

Look no further! Ziggy Bars is here to provide you nutritious snacks and alternative option to support constipation challenges during pregnancy. Our snacks are designed to be a natural supportive part of your remedy toolkit, supporting relief without compromising taste. Pregnant women can snack confidently, knowing our delicious products support digestive well-being.  With fiber-rich oats, chia seeds, and dates, these bars promote healthy digestion, offering a supportive choice for constipation remedies.

In the area of unhealthy conditions in the digestive system, our snacks aim to provide a moment of relief. We invite you to experience the difference – parenting and well-being can be simpler: one all-natural snack, one Ziggy Bar at a time. Read our dedicated blogs here

What makes Ziggy Bars Nutritious? 

Our snack bars are more than simply an easy fix; they're a fantastic trip through flavors and joy. Ziggy Bars, made with all-natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, are the key to achieving the happiness your stomach craves and your taste buds appreciate.


Our snack bars are made with care and contain a nutritious blend of rolled oats, oat flour, coconut oil, 100% dates, coconut sugar, chia seeds, vanilla essence, and a splash of baking soda. We keep things simple so you may indulge in a guilt-free delight that fulfills your appetite while nourishing your health.


Whether you're on the go or need a boost during the day, Ziggy Bars is here to improve your snacking experience. Enjoy the goodness of our carefully picked ingredients and treat yourself to a snack bar that is both delicious and wholesome. Because at Ziggy Bars, we believe in making every bite a blissful experience for your happy stomach.

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I'm Rachel, the crazy mom and baker behind Ziggy Bars, joined by my incredible mom, MaryLou. Together, we're on a mission to spread the word that you're not alone and to help as many tummies as we can, one delicious Ziggy Bar at a time! Dive into the snack revolution with us!


We're on a mission to bring Ziggy Bars to every household, and to do so, we need your help to spread the word in your incredible platforms. Imagine the convenience of having our delightful bars served those who are in need particularly moms-to-be and kids. We're also working on upgrading our packaging for a more vibrant look. Your help would mean a lot to us. 


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