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A Supportive Snack for Pregnant Women Facing Constipation

Posted on December 10th, 2023

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of chia seeds for pregnant women's health, focusing on how Ziggy Bars offer a supportive solution for common discomforts like constipation. 

Takeaway Topics:

  1. Supporting Digestive Health: Incorporating fiber-rich ingredients like oat flour and rolled oats can aid in maintaining regularity and managing constipation, which is a common concern during pregnancy.
  2. Sustained Energy: Coconut oil provides a steady energy source, particularly during pregnancy, when extra energy is often needed, aiding in immediate constipation relief.
  3. Natural Sweetness and Nutrition: Pureed dates not only satisfy cravings but also offer fiber for digestive comfort during pregnancy, contributing to overall nutrition.
  4. Chia Seed Benefits: High in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds are valuable for easing constipation and supporting the development of the baby's brain.
  5. Mindful Ingredient Selection: Each component of Ziggy Bars, including natural vanilla extract, salt, and baking soda, is carefully chosen to cater to pregnant women's palates and digestive needs, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable snack option.
  6. Thoughtful Pregnancy Support: Ziggy Snack Bars are specifically crafted to provide relief from constipation during pregnancy, offering comfort and support throughout the journey.
  7. Convenient Snack Choice: Ziggy Bars offer a convenient and accessible option for pregnant women to manage discomforts like constipation, promoting well-being one bar at a time.


Navigating through pregnancy often comes with the challenge of constipation, a common but bothersome symptom. Ziggy Bars are crafted with this in mind, offering a supportive snack bar option to help pregnant women.

Supporting Digestive Health in Pregnancy 

The inclusion of oat flour and rolled oats in Ziggy Bars provides a source of fiber, which may help support digestive health and maintain regularity, often a concern during pregnancy. This gentle source of fiber is a supportive way for pregnant women to help manage constipation.

Sustained Energy for Pregnant Women 

Coconut oil in Ziggy Snack Bars can help give a steady energy supply, especially useful for immediate constipation relief during pregnancy, when extra energy is frequently required.

Natural Sweetness to Support Pregnancy Nutrition 

Pureed dates in Ziggy Bars not only satisfy natural pregnancy sweet cravings but also contain fiber that may help with digestive comfort during pregnancy.

Tiny Seeds, Supportive Benefits 

Chia seeds are a fantastic addition for pregnant women, potentially supporting the easing of constipation with their high fiber content, while also offering omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for a developing baby's brain.

Mindfully Made for Pregnancy 

Each ingredient in Ziggy Bars, from the natural vanilla extract to the careful pinch of salt and baking soda, is selected to support pregnant women's palates and digestive systems. Ziggy Bars aim to provide a balanced, enjoyable snack to help pregnant women manage the discomforts of constipation.

In essence, Ziggy Snack Bars offers a snack choice that promises to promote constipation relief during pregnancy. They are a thoughtfully created choice that can help ease the journey through pregnancy, offering a bit of comfort and support, one bar at a time.

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