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A Comforting Snack Bar For Those Undergoing Chemotherapy

Posted on December 10th, 2023

Undergoing chemotherapy can be an arduous process, with digestion and appetite often affected. Ziggy Bars are created with the understanding that a gentle, nourishing snack bar can be a small yet significant comfort during this challenging time.

Gentle on the Digestive System – The oat flour and rolled oats in Ziggy Bars are sources of soluble fiber, which is gentler on the digestive system. This can be particularly supportive for individuals undergoing chemotherapy who may struggle with digestive discomfort or constipation.

Ziggy Snack Bar Sustained, Gentle Energy – Coconut oil provides a smoother and more sustained source of energy, which can be essential when energy levels might be low. Ziggy Bars offer this ingredient with the understanding that every bit of energy support is valuable during chemotherapy.

Natural Sweetness for Sensitive Tastes – The pureed dates in Ziggy Bars offer a natural sweetness that can be appealing, especially when chemotherapy might alter taste preferences. This ingredient also contributes fiber, which may help support digestive health gently.

Supportive Chia Seeds – Chia seeds are included for their omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for overall wellness, and their fiber, which can help provide support for chemotherapy-induced constipation in a mild, non-irritating way.

Mindfully Crafted for Comfort – Every ingredient in Ziggy Bars, from the comforting hint of vanilla extract to the minimal use of salt and baking soda, is selected with the intent to offer a comforting snack bar experience. Ziggy Bars are made to be easy to eat, even when appetites are uncertain, and digestive systems are delicate.

Ziggy Bars offer a thoughtful snacking option for those undergoing chemotherapy, aiming to provide a bit of comfort and nutritional support when it's needed most. They are made with care to be gentle, easy-to-digest, and nourishing during a time when such qualities are deeply appreciated.

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